The 10 Golden Lists

The Perfect Online Business - the 10 Golden Lists

For a long time I thought to myself, when I start my own business tomorrow, is there a comprehensive list or "how-to" guides that cover EVERYTHING I would need to set up to make my online business, well, perfect? A list I can just work my way through, ticking all the boxes so I can focus my energy on our competitive advantage and NOT getting the traffic (unless our CA is the way in which we get traffic, but that's for another discussion).

But clearly each business is different; from a range of online business models to a multitude of industries. I suppose even one business using the same business model in the same industry as another would have a different online marketing plan from one that is in another country or of a different size.

Having a chat with David Sutton last night, he was adamant that all an entrepreneur should be doing is getting new business. This made me think, all the rest needs to be systems, automation and staff (even taking care of old clients).

So I have decided to spend some time (probably quite a bit of time actually) writing up what I believe to be the golden lists that all online start-ups should follow; one page essential tick-box lists of "must-do's" for:
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • PPC
  • E-mail
  • Usability and Experience on the site
  • Tracking, Analytics, Monitoring and AB-Testing (thanks E-word)
  • Blogging
  • Mobile
  • Conversion
  • Other tools worth considering (social bookmarking, video, automating processes etc.)
Guides are available for the ones with links above, eventually I will get through them all.

Regardless if we end up out-sourcing some of these, buying software or systems that do it for us, or doing it in-house, I think the key to success online (that's if you have the right product to begin with) is SYNERGY. Do everything listed above and the traffic you get will be greater than the sum of all the traffic each tool would bring in if used on its own, or the rule of: